Second edition Let´s Gro

Let´s Gro will be experiencing a 2nd edition this year! The date is set for Friday 21 and Saturday 22 November. Let´s Gro is all about the future and the city and region of Groningen.

Will you be joining in?

What is Let´s Gro?

The festival focusses on the future of Groningen. Main topics are starts-ups, health, economy, energy, housing, food and more. In other words; any topic relating to Groningen that engages you and us.

What activities will there be?

Various exhibits, workshops and presentations will be organised. It is unique, cheerful, FREE and accessible, and entirely by and for Groningen.

Check out the line up here.

Let’s Gro Documentary

About the future of Groningen
#75 Europe @ your feet 2

During the city council meeting on January 28 The Let’s Gro documentary went in premiere. It is a 10 minute documentary about the festival in 2013, however it is also about the future of Groningen. A must see for all, whether you were part of the festival in 2013 or not. We hope you enjoy […]



Curious to what to expect from the festival line-up? Last years line-up can be found in our archives Why not explore the 2013 line-up program to get a sense of the topics that are engaging for Let’s Gro.